Plow Tracker

Plow Tracker

The Challenge

My client, Louis, provides a snow clearing business in the winter time. One challenge of this job is managing clients who are always wondering about his position and ETA.

The Solution

Using the mobile phone of the plow driver, I created a system which would periodically retrieve the gps coordinates of the vehicle from a mobile app, and then make the data available through a custom API on my clients website.

I then created a new page on his Wordpress website which would use the gps data and google maps to show the real time position of each vehicle, allowing his clients to have an estimate of when he would arrive. I also provided a feed of his businesses twitter account with the map, where my client would post important updates.

Having this system in place will allow Louis to focus on providing his services to his clients in a more efficient manner, rather than spending his time taking phone calls from clients requesting updates.

Unfortunately I can not share a demo since the app is not operational during the summer season.