The Challenge

I noticed that the local racquetball league that I play with is not communicating efficiently, both internally and with the public.

The [in-progress] Solution

I set out to create a website which would serve as a public face for our group so that others interested in the sport can learn more and make contact with us. Internally, I wanted to provide an efficient way for members of our group to communicate directly with one another and with the group as a whole. Members often communicate with eachother for reasons such as arranging games with one another, asking for tips or gear recommendations, or managing membership fees.

This project is also my way of teaching myself the Laravel framework. The main features of this website will include:

  • A custom direct messaging service for members
  • A reddit-style forum
  • Custom dashboards for users and administrators
  • A system for an admin to calculate seasonal membership fees. Issuing and collecting these fees within the website
  • An interactive calendar for booking courts. Users can book available courts for public or private games, invite other players to join, or request to join public games.
  • Email and onsite notification systems
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