The Challenge

My client, James, enjoys surfing when he can find the right conditions. Unfortunately this can be difficult resulting in driving for hours without finding any surfable waves.

The Solution

Knowing what ocean conditions make for a good surf and monitoring the local weather data collected from buoys is a great way to predict whether or not it will be a good day for surfing at a particular location, but remembering all those details can be too much.

James asked me to create an app for him which would allow him to log all of his surfing sessions as they happen. The user of the app could log their favourite surfing spots. When they visit that location to surf, they can upload a photo and rate their experience which is then combined with the latest weather data collected from nearby buoys, and saved in the users records.

Now, if James wants to know if today would be a good day for surfing, he can check the app and compare todays buoy data with his previous records and view his ratings based on those conditions.

Due to the private nature of this app, I cannot share any links.