Personal Projects

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When first teaching myself how to use javascript I decided to take on a project where I could also pursue my love of math and physics. I decided to create a simple simulation which explores basic orbital dynamics using a simplified version of Newton's law of universal gravitation applied to a user created environment.

This simulation allows the user to place "planets" in a field with different masses, observe the effect it has on the changing gravitational field, and finally attempt to navigate a spaceship through that field.

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I created a simple online interface for testing out the basic languages of the web: HTML, Javascript, and CSS. I created this project as a learning experience for working with code that is evaluated using different windows such as an iframe.

This project was inspired by other services like Codepen and JSbin

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I created a special project just for the holiday season and wrote a series of tutorials to document my progress. This app lets users create public wish lists for items that they want, browse the wish lists of their friends and families, check items off as they are purchased, and create a network of friends.

This project was meant to serve as a learning resource for those who would like to learn more about the Laravel framework and test driven development.

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Raspberry Pi Rover

Ah yes, the project that inspired me to become a web developer. I just recently started to rebuild this project from scratch again and apply my new web development knowledge to improve it.

This rover is powered by a Raspberry Pi on which I have set up a web server which is hosting a custom web page I have built to serve as a controller and feedback system when accessed on a mobile device. The end goal for this project is to have a working underwater ROV, something I have been wanting to build for a long time.

I am only just starting to work on this again, so there is not much to see yet, but here is a basic outline of my project plan for the next few weeks:

  • Finish 3D printing my mount to fasten my phone to the xbox controller that is used for input
  • Add pitch and yaw control to the mounted camera
  • Replace current steering configuration with skid-steering tracks (like a classic tank)
  • Set up Redis as a logger for inputs and outputs
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